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WRX High-Volume Wash Water Recovery Systems for Automatic Vehicle Washes

Automatic Vehicle Washes typically demand a large volume of wash quality water be cleaned to a nominal 10 micron depending on the wash pump requirements which the water must be recycled through.  Western Water Products manufactures a series of economical wash water recovery system designed to meet these needs utilizing a standard WRC Series Wash Water recovery System and adding a Post Filtration Pack. This combination is available as a WRX System. 

Western Water Products also offers a number of options designed to provide pits, trenches and drains, control odor and control sediment buildup in the pits. 

The table below shows models up through 120 GPM.  For larger sizes are available (consult WWP).


Basic WRX includes WRC + Optional Post Filtration Pak + Optional Mud Hopper


Maximum GPM Rating

Cyclone Particulate Rating

Post Filtration Particulate Rating




40 Micron

10 Micron

Vehicle washes requiring 10-20 micron wash water.  For use with high pressure pumps in self serve car wash.  Pumps directly to Wash



40 Micron

10 Micron



40 Micron

10 Micron

The WRX is provided with a nominal 40 Micron Cyclone Separator and modified to include a cleanable Post-Filtration Cartridge Filter Pack.  In operation, only one Cartridge Filter is utilized at a time, and when that filter becomes dirty or “fouled” a manual valve can be rotated 180 degrees to switch flow through a standby clean cartridge filter.  Once pressure and flow is removed from the dirty filter, it can be removed for cleaning and replaced for continued reuse.  Utilizing a nominal 40 Micron Cyclone resists pressure drop through the Cyclone and can generally be pumped directly back into the wash without going into an intermediate holding tank and being re-pressurized.

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