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The LITTLE SUCKER--TRAILER-PAKs  are nothing less than COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT Cleaning and Wash Water Recovery Systems.  They are designed for applications involving:

  • Professional Cleaners and Detailers

  • Fleet Washing Companies

  • Mobile Wash Companies

  • Rental Yard Rentals and On-Site Use

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Parking Lot and Parking Structure Cleaning

  • Sidewalk Cleaning

  • Building Cleaning and Restoration

  • Residential Clean-up

  • Auto Detailing

  • Truck Washing

  • Mobile Coolant Reconditioning

The LITTLE SUCKER--TRAILER-PAKs are custom built for a variety of applications and can include:

  • OPEN or ENCLOSED Trailers or Truck Mounted Systems

  • LITTLE SUCKER -- BASIC SYSTEM up to 8 GPM continuous water recovery

  • Unique Surface Pick-Up Device. An auxiliary second Pick-Up is optional

  • HEAVY-DUTY or ULTIMATE-PAK Filter Pak available

  • Wash Water Holding Tank(s)

  • Rinse Water Holding Tank(s)

  • Gas Driven Hot or Cold Water Pressure Washer (up to four) 

  • Heavy Duty High Pressure Hose Reel (up to four)

  • Gas Driven Air Compressor

  • Gas Driven Generator (Optional)

  • All Mounted on a Spacious Heavy-Duty, Dual-Axel, Trailer




  • Electric or Air operated Filtration System
  • Air Operated Eliminates SHOCK HAZARD
  • Mobile or Stationary Applications
  • Keeps up with Most Pressure Washers
  • Minimum of (12) Sensible Filtration Technologies
  •  Easy to Understand, Use and Maintain
  • Portable Can be put away at night 

For On-Site, Off-Site or Rental Use: 

The LITTLE SUCKER Wash Water Recovery system is provided as part of a Trailer-able Wash and Water Recovery Package and includes the following:
  • Heavy Duty Dual-Axle Trailer
  • Hot/Cold Water Pressure Washer
  • Air Compressor
  • Water Pick-Up Devices
  • Water Storage tank(s)
  • Fills the rental needs of:
    •  Mobile Pressure Washer Service
    •  Mobile Truck Fleet Washers
    • Parking Lot Cleaning Companies
    • Many others



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For details contact Pan Pacific Environmental Group or email us from our Literature Request Page

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