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Pan Pacific Environmental & Western Water Products provide a primary Hopper Bottom Pit or and a Flat Bottom Pit as well as other sumps to meet individual requirements of the wash pad drain requirements.

Hopper Bottom Pit

The HOPPER BOTTOM PIT is manufactured of heavy-duty, non corrosive poly material.  It can be utilized as:

  • Primary sump on located on a wash pad
  • A downstream collection pit fed by a smaller sump or trench drain
  • An intermediate pit located prior to a multi-compartment clarifier

The Hopper Bottom Pit is usually used as the primary or secondary pit in the wash pad drainage system and acts as  solids settling pit.  It is typically used when the end user desires to have the ability to remove unwanted sludge build-up from the pit.  In this case A Model SRS Sludge Removal System with a Heavy-Duty Sludge Pump is located at the bottom of the pit and controlled by Timing Panel which energizes the pump frequently to evacuate solids which settle to the bottom of the pit.  The sludge is then deposited into an Above Ground Sludge Collection or Mud Hopper for easy disposal.

Hopper Bottom Pit (In Ground)

Hopper Bottom Pit with Support Frame

Hopper Bottom Pit Grating

Hopper Bottom Pit with Barrel Filter, Pump and Sludge Removal Pump

Hopper Bottom Pit with Barrel Filter (uninstalled)

Under the Grate Filter Basket

Pit Filter Basket

Trench Filter Basket

Trench Filter Basket

Pump with Barrel Filter (All Poly)

Pump with Barrel Filter (Poly & Stainless)


An installation guide for the Hopper Bottom Pit is provided with the pit.  A Galvanized Steel Support Ring, Lip Cover and 2-piece Traffic Rated Steel Grate is provided as part of a complete Pit Kit.  Reference Model #HBP-KIT when ordering in this manner.  

If the Pit is used as a drainage pit through which water will enter, an Under-the-Grate Strainer Basket is required to prevent pump damage.  Trench Strainer baskets are available as well.  (See above Photos) Reference #FBS-002 when ordering. 

Bulkhead fittings are sold separately.  Up to 5 Bulkheads may be required depending on the number of connections going to and from the pit. 


For details contact Pan Pacific Environmental Group or email us from our Literature Request Page

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