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The LITTLE SUCKER -- Basic Unit Air Operated

Heart of a Modular Series of Liquid Filtration Systems

 The Air or Electric Operated BASIC SYSTEM is the heart of the FAMILY of liquid filtration systems Designed for either portable or stationary use, the BASIC SYSTEM combines (14) proven technologies and is in itself a "stand-alone" filtration system.  The system is available in (2) pumping flow rates -- up to 4 or 8 GPM of continuous filtration and has many pick-up options and final polish filtration options to fit almost any application.

 Text Box: Affordable Design for Portable or Stationary Use 
The LITTLE SUCKER water recovery system has been engineered to be an affordable Liquid Filtration System designed for either PORTABLE or STATIONARY applications requiring cleaned wash quality water for reuse with high-pressure washers or for reconditioning machine tool coolant. 
Portable and stationary wash operators are frequently coming under the scrutiny of regulating agencies charged with protecting the environment.  Portable wash operators must now pick-up and recycle wash water created on site and carry it off to prevent run-off into the storm sewer and to avoid polluting the water table.  Stationary wash operators are being forced to completely recycle or clean up discharge water to the sanitary sewer system in order to comply with increasingly stricter effluent discharge restrictions.



The LITTLE SUCKER is a truly unique system.   By simply changing the fluid pick-up device and final filters, this system becomes a multi-functional machine, which may be operated as:

  • Oil/Water Separator

  • Wash Water Recovery System

  • Sewer Discharge System

  • Parts Washing Oil/Water Separator & Water Recovery System

  • Parts Washing Oil/Water Separator & Water Recovery System

  • Golf Course Water Recovery System

  • Machine Tool Coolant Reconditioning System

  • Many other uses

Economical Solutions

The advanced filtration technologies offered in The LITTLE SUCKER wash water recovery system offers an economical solution for most of wash water filtration problems.  The LITTLE SUCKER filters water to wash water quality for reuse with High Pressure Washers.   

"Easy" Concept and Design -- The LITTLE SUCKER is:

  • Easy to understand and use

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to maintain

  • Easy to avoid EPA hassles


  • Safe-to-use Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps provided for water pick-up and water transfer (Electric operation is optional)

  • Multi-Chamber Filtration System provides filtration redundancy

  • Filters are Cleanable and Reusable many times over

  • Continuous Recirculation lessens odor potential

  • Continuous Aeration aids in oil separation

  • Continuous Ozonation available for enhanced odor control and heavy metals oxidation

  • External Filter Options available making The LITTLE SUCKER suitable for almost any application

  • Unique design reduces maintenance and down-time and increases up-time

Air Operated Systems Eliminates:

  • Above ground air suction pumps eliminate the need for SUMP PUMPS

  • Air pumps eliminate the "shock-hazard" of draping electrical cords in water

  • Unique pick-up devices eliminates the need for complicated water pick-up systems

  • Simple Hose and Camlock connections eliminate the need for hard plumbing and complicated assembly procedures

  • Simple design eliminates costly parts and pieces for repair

The LITTLE SUCKER's unique series of liquid pick-up devices is where the system derives itsí name.  All water pick-up devices operate in conjunction with the air diaphragm pumps located inside the filtration system, which draw a vacuum to suck the liquid into the filtration system.  The benefit of air-operated diaphragm pumps is that no damage is caused if they run dry.  Also, there are no electrical cords needed to go out to pumps, which would have to lay in water, so the system is much safer to operate and poses no shock hazard.


Filtration Technologies Include

  • Solids Settling

  • Pre-Straining Filtration

  • Oil Coalescing

  • Oil Adsorption/Filtration

  •  Particle Filtration to 20, 10, 5 or 1 Micron

  • Continuous Recirculation

  • Continuous Aeration

  • Chemical Metering Available

  • Ozonation Option Available

Compact Size

  • 30" x 28" x 42" High (Basic Unit).  Larger with External Filter Packs.

  • Rugged Corrosion Resistant Poly Housing

  • Portable Use (with Casters)

  • Stationary Use (with Adjustable Leveling Feet)

  • Mobile Use (can be firmly mounted to truck or trailer)

  • Systems are available in either up to 4 GPM or up to 8 GPM Operation

Optional Equipment Includes

  • Electric Operation instead of Air

  • Optional External Filtration Modules

  • Ozonation, pH Control and Chemical Metering

  • Storage Tanks

  • Air Compressor

  •  Biological Treatment System

  • Pressure Wash Equipment

  • Hoses and Fittings

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For details contact Pan Pacific Environmental Group or email us from our Literature Request Page

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