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Model AGC-BS-240  * Small Foot Print Clarifier System*


The Model AGC-BS Above Ground Clarifier System is a small and compact clarifier system designed to save space and save installation time.  The system includes a minimum of (3) separate small foot-print flat bottom poly tanks mounted on a corrosion-resistant aluminum stand.  Each tank is plumbed to maximize the flow path and dwell time.  Each tank is plumbed on the bottom with either manual valves or optional automatic valves to enable purging sediment from the bottom of the tanks. 

As water flows through the tanks sediment will drop out and oil will tend to float on the surface where it can be skimmed off through oil skim valves or adsorbed into floating oil pillows.  The system is designed with oil coalescers provided in the first two stages to maximize oil/water separation which causes oil to float to the surface.  The cleanest water will exit the system by gravity to the sanitary sewer.  As an option the cleaned water can first be deposited into a Sample Barrel and then be pumped out under pressure via a sump pump mounted inside the Sample Barrel.  Oil bleed valves are provided with each stage to allow removal of free floating oil which has worked its way to the top.


AGC-BS Above Ground Clarifier

Functional Diagram Model AGC-BS-240

 Featured Highlights:

Text Box: Multi Functional Operation
Sewer Discharge or Pre-Treatment to a Wash Water Recovery System
Frame – Heavy Duty, Long Life
Corrosion Resistant – Square Aluminum Tubing
Size – Small Foot Print
28” Deep x 60” Wide x 68” High
System Housing Material 
Rugged Corrosion Resistant Poly – ASTM Certified Materials
Sump Pump inside Barrel Filter
110 VAC, 15 Amp Electric – Float Activated
Adjustable Legs
Stainless Steel
Ozonation System
Optional 115 VAC, 1 Ph, 60 Hz / Air
Tank Oil Skimmer’s
Standard ½ Pipe Skimmer and Drain Valve in each Tank
Oil Coalescing
Yes.  Oil Coalescers are standard in tanks 1 & 2
Continuous GPM Rating
Up to 10 GPM Maximum
Output Pressure
Gravity Flow – Pressurized Outputs are Optional
Tank Sediment Drain Valves
Manual Valves are Standard.  Automated Valves are Optional
Oil Adsorption
Optional Floating Oil Pillows are Available
Sludge Collection Hopper
Optional (Consult WWP for Details)
Heavy Duty Discharge Filters
Optional (Consult WWP for Details)
Trench Drains
Optional (Consult WWP for Details)
Pit Options
Hopper Bottom and Flat Bottom Pits Optional
Pit Sludge Removal System
Seismic Retention













Clarifier Options: Also see: Accessories Page

  • Ozonation/Aeration for odor and bacteria control for one or more tanks
  • Auto Timed Sediment Dump Valves on each Cone Bottom Tank
  • Sludge Collection Hopper
  • Oil Collection Barrel
  • Pit Options
  • Recycling System Module

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For details contact Pan Pacific Environmental Group or email us from our Literature Request Page

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