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Ozonation Controls Odor

Can Eliminate Chemicals

Western Water Products announces that it’s unique approach to Ozone injection combined with other water filtration techniques has the ability to reduce and eliminate foul odor and septic conditions in recycled water without the need for introducing chemicals into the waste stream except in the very worst applications.  The system has proven successful in many applications including refrigerated container washing, garbage truck and garbage bin washing and portable toilet washing.  The system assists also in eliminating the smell of excess hydrocarbons caused from too much oil and grease in the water due to engine degreasing.

Reduces Problems

The need for injecting hydrogen peroxide, chlorine and other hazardous chemicals to control foul odor and septic conditions has virtually been eliminated.  These chemicals have in the past posed a problem with handling, storage and are expensive to use increasing the cost of operating a water recovery system.

The elimination of hazardous chemicals is deemed by the water recovery industry as a significant step in the advancement of water treatment technology for closed loop industrial applications such as high pressure washing and vehicle cleaning. 

Besides odor elimination, Ozonation has been proven effective in sanitizing water, oxidizing heavy metals in water and has many other positive benefits.

Automatic Purge & Hopper Bottoms Reduce Sludge in Tanks

Hopper Bottoms Purge Sludge

Western Water Products’ unique use of cone shaped and hopper bottom tanks throughout most of the water recovery process prevents the build-up of unwanted sludge in above ground tanks.  Combined with either manual or automated purge valves connected to the bottom of each tank, sedimentation is removed from the tank bottoms and returned to below ground pits for further settling or for removal by an automated sludge removal system which deposits the sludge in an above ground mud hopper.  Sedimentation is continuously purged from the above ground tanks on a timed cycle which also returns ozonated water to the pits in a continuous process. 

An optional sludge removal system located in the below ground pits removes sedimentation to an above ground mud hopper for easy disposal.  Elimination of sludge from reclaimed water is a major breakthrough in water recovery technology allowing the water recovery system to work more efficiently and provide cleaner recycled water back into the wash process.

New Golf Course System Introduced

Western Water Products announces the introduction of a new water recovery system designed specifically for golf course applications.  Golf courses pose a particularly difficult problem due to high amounts of dirt and grass clippings.  Grass clippings, if not removed, create conditions allowing organic fermentation to occur.  Also, green algae and other micro-organisms will bloom out of control. 

With the addition of a grass catcher/filtration tank to it’s already successful AGOR water recovery system, Western Water Products has created a system which eliminates the majority of grass clippings from the water with a unique easily cleanable filter/strainer basket. 

A sand trap and/or single hopper bottom pit design combined with Western Water Products unique independent sludge removal system pulls additional grass and dirt from the pit and deposits it in an easy to clean above ground mud hopper.  Also, with the introduction of the new Golf Course Water Recovery System, Western Water Products also announces the introduction of a pre-formed hopper bottom pit and grate design which can be located in the center of the wash pad or off to the side.  The pit is large enough to accommodate both a transfer pump and a heavy duty sludge removal pump.

Specialty Minerals Goes All the Way

Specialty Minerals, a mining company in Southern California, compared them all and decided to go with Western Water Products.  Western Water Products got into consideration late on this application for washing heavy equipment.  Actually, a purchase order was already written when engineering personnel decided to accompany Western Water Products to see some of it’s systems in actual use in similar applications. 

The trip was well worth the investment of time and Western Water Products was successful in demonstrating the advanced technologies available only with a Western Water Products system.  A purchase order was awarded for an automated SC-DE Series system with ozonation and an independent sludge removal system.

Performance Guaranteed with AGOR System

Western Water Products has created consumer excitement by announcing the first CONSUMER PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE for a wash water recovery system.  Based on the successful applications of multiple applications, Western Water Products has announced the company is confident enough, if all the facts about your application is known, to offer a performance guarantee which can be provided with a properly applied system.  This is available with the Model AGOR-006 wash water recovery system. 

“Many customers are leery of water recovery systems and have heard all of the horror stories.  However, Western Water Products’ AGOR Series has proven itself to be a real workhorse  and it is now so confident that it will do what the company claims it will do.

 Western water Products believes that a PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE will go a long way towards alleviating the fears many users have about water recovery systems.  Sure there are some “strings” attached:  The unit has to be installed and maintained properly per the instruction manual supplied, and the customer has to sign Western Water Products agreement that they will follow the instructions.  It’s that simple.

Construction Company Decides on WWP

Last  year Western Water Products was in the right place at the right time once again when Washington Construction, a major freeway construction company in Southern California was looking to add a water recovery system to meet the demand of local EPA requirements.  This was another time when Western Water Products appeared on the scene at the eleventh hour and a purchase requisition was already written for another system.  Kasler was interested in a system to be used to wash its heavy equipment.  They were looking for something with very little maintenance and something easy to operate.  The automation of Western Water Products BIG SUCKER system appealed to their equipment maintenance superintendent, and after accompanying Western Water Products to see a couple of local systems in operation, Western Water Products was awarded the contract. 

Because of the high amount of dirt which was being washed off the heavy equipment, the wash pad was designed to Western Water Products specifications with a front end loader ramp where the majority of the dirt could settle out.  The system proved to be so successful that another Southern California company, South Coast Materials, found out about it and wanted the same exact thing due to the fact that they too had to wash heavy equipment with lots of dirt as well.

Forklift Company gets a "Lift" from WWP

Here’s one for the books...Based on the growing reputation of some of our distributors, one of them in the Southern California area was recently contacted by a local EPA inspector, and it was suggested that he go see a certain company who was washing off forklifts in his parking lot with a pressure washer, and the water was draining down the gutter and into the street.  An appointment was made to take the company owner to see a couple of systems in the area and an AGOR with an independent sludge removal system was recommended.  The customer wanted to know how to get his hands on a hopper bottom pit, but at this time, the pit was a formed and poured in place item of concrete construction. 

The forklift manufacturer said he would buy the system, if Western Water Products could supply him with an easy to install hopper bottom pit and with a sludge removal system.  Of course even with the “extras”, he still expected Western Water Products still to be competitive with another system he was looking at which did not offer either the pit or sludge removal system.  Always up for the challenge, Western Water Products’ engineering department designed and had molded a pit and grate design which has now become a standard product offering for those applications requiring hopper bottom pits.  

Multiple Purchases -- Doing it Right

Nothing says more about “doing it right” than when an old customer comes back to you and says they want another system just like the last one you last sold to them.  This is not uncommon with Western Water Products water recovery systems.  Without naming names WWP has received multiple purchases from the following industrial type applications which proves the equipment works in their applications:  Waste Haulers, Scissor Lift Companies, Heavy Equipment Operators, Wrecking Yards, Diesel Repair and Automotive Repair Shops, Railroad Companies, Cal-Trans, City Maintenance Yards, Forklift Repair Companies, Refrigerated Shipping Container Companies, Truck and Bus Wash Manufacturing Companies, Department of Transportation, Military Installations, Mining Companies, Sand and Gravel Companies,  CAT and Heavy Equipment Dealers. 


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